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Dr. Lawrence J. Markovitz is a Board Certified Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon with over 28 years of clinical experience. He is highly regarded for his extensive experience and expertise in venous care and the industry as a whole.

Dr. Markovitz graduated from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University in 1980 and trained at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He subsequently served as chief of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Midelfort Clinic, a Mayo Clinic subsidiary.

Unlike many other vein doctors, Dr. Markovitz has extensive experience with surgery of the heart, blood vessels and saphenous veins. He has performed over five thousand such open operative procedures and in excess of ten thousand minimally invasive vein procedures since founding Virginia Vein Care. If you read any of the hundreds of reviews about his patient care, you will find that patients walk away from their consultations and operations feeling informed and with renewed varicose-free legs. Dr. Markovitz was even named the Patients’ Choice Award Winner for 2012!

“Dr Markovitz and his team helped me feel comfortable. From my first greeting throughout the treatments, he and his team were friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable. And I was delighted with the results. My legs actually feel stronger and…well, happy. My legs feel happy. Thank you to the folks at Virginia Vein Care.”

“After a few weeks of vein closure procedures, I was truly sad to have my final procedure done last Monday. Dr. Markovitz and his team are simply wonderful and truly set a high standard for medical care and patient service.  Within minutes of my arrival, I was always taken back to the procedure room (never waiting more than 5-7 minutes maximum).  After the preliminary ultrasound and prep, Dr. Markovitz arrived within minutes and walked me through each procedure.  He made sure to let me know before he did anything I would feel or notice and his phenomenal medical assistants were also keeping an eye on me to make sure I was comfortable and wasn’t feeling any pain.  I always left within an half an hour to an hour of my arrival (usually less) and that’s truly a rarity amongst most medical offices.  Everyone from the receptionist to the billing specialist and the ultrasound techs were always so helpful, kind and personable.  Thank you all so much for making this process so easy!”

Lawrence Markovitz, M.D., has also published 13 articles in scientific journals, created a collaborative poster for the 16th Annual Mayo Conference on Quality, and given eight presentations on his research. Most recently, Dr Markovitz was named a 2020 top vascular surgeon.

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